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Thoughts on Major Hair Decisions

2020 I made a pretty major hair decision when I began the journey of locking my hair. This is second only to the first major hair decision I made back in 2010; when after a strenuous accounting class I went back to my dorm and promptly cut off all my hair using a pair of scissors from my desk. There was a lot of back story leading up to my big chop, but regardless it was still very much an impulsive decision. Locking my hair was nothing like that.

I thought about getting locs for a long time and I have the Pinterest board to prove it! This hair decision was about following through and being committed. It’s just an added bonus that in order for my hair to adjust to this new form and grow healthy I have to let it ‘lone.

The term “do less” has never meant more to me. Starting my journey during a worldwide quarantine has also facilitated my commitment to leaving it alone because I don’t go nowhere no way. I have very little social pressure to do anything more than throw it into a loose ponytail on my zoom calls (and most of the time I don’t even do that). My hair is free to do whatever it wants and I can confirm that both of us (us being me and my hair) could not be happier.

Have you made any major hair decisions lately?

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