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Learn a little bit about me through my interview with Canvas Rebel. Source.

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Kaci Diane, self-publishing expert, shares her experience becoming comfortable with her artistic voice. She explains the importance of authenticity as the foundation of her writing. People can feel when someone is being honest and sincere, as it makes your words easier to connect with. Kaci explains how this concept will always be a staple in her work and encourages other writers to trust the process in their own genuinity. 

MARTA’s public art program Artbound announces the debut of Rinse + Repeat, a unique art project featuring the work of Atlanta poets. Poems are stenciled onto the concrete at ten metro Atlanta bus shelters and are invisible until they are rained upon. Source.

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Educated the audience on the top 3 types of written content needed for a business. Plus, shared key dos and don'ts for creating content that resonates. 

This week, for a very special Awareness Offering, I'm joined by writer, creative and my good friend Kaci Diane. We have a rich discussion on the creative process, how it intersects with spirituality, her new book, "When the Love is Real," love and relationships and more. She closes us out by offering a spiritual writing practice as a unique and impactful style of meditation.

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