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I Have Questions - Part 2

I don’t see a problem with wrestling with God. Jacob wrestled with God. He got his hip dislocated in the tussle, but he didn’t lose. God is capable of handling our rage, our doubt, our disappointment.

@SteveFurtick preached a sermon called “Did I Ask?” And in it he states that it starts with a question. Everything. Everything starts with a question. And by wrestling with that question is how we get our answers.

Our country is in desperate need of some new answers. A clear sign that change has no choice but to come is reflected in the sheer volume of people wrestling with the question “Why?” Why does our judicial system favor the comfort of white bodies over the preservation of black and brown bodies? Why are our jails disproportionately filled with POC? Why when black people says our lives matter do others counter with all lives matter, instead of simply confirming that yes we do in fact matter?

These are just of few of the questions that I am starting with. There are many more that can be added to it. There are many other minorities and marginalized people also asking “Why?” questions. All of us are fighting for new answers that satisfy.

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