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Thoughts on Insecurity Spirals

The other day I made the mistake of scrolling deep into the account of a model. Chick was gorgeous. Face, body, hair - all of it was glorious. As I scrolled through her pictures and took in her contoured face I wondered why I didn’t look like that.

So I went into my bathroom, pulled out my makeup and quickly remembered I have no idea how to contour my face. Instead I put on the basic makeup that I did know how to use.

I went to the grocery store and Target, and tried to shake the feeling that I wasn’t pretty enough. The loudness of my insecurities was deafening in a way I wasn’t used to. I of course have moments of insecurity but generally I am pretty confident in my appearance. I mean I have a good face. My body is a good body. My hair is good hair. Yet and still, all day I couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t enough.

To pull me out of my insecurity spiral I called a friend and asked her to say nice things to me. It helped but it didn’t help. What actually helped was talking about where the insecurity started and talking about why it wasn’t true. Something about debunking a myth helped me come back to reality.

How do you snap out of insecurity spirals? How do you remind yourself of what’s good about you?

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