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Thoughts on Bonus Families

I have consumed a lot of content since lock down started last March. Books, television, memes… There are some pretty great one liners having to do with approval. One goes, “The moment you stop looking for approval you start living again.” Another goes, “Give that approval to yourself. Waiting on others will have you waiting forever.” The last one I’ll mention says, “I can’t explain why I love you. But I can explain why I have to stop.”

Watching these characters struggle with finding approval made me really grateful for my family. There are times when people outside of my family disapprove and that sucks, but it only sucks for a little while. I’m not going to pretend that I understand the turmoil that comes with not having the approval of your family. But from friends that I have listened to, I gather that it is a very tangled feeling to live with.

While I wish everyone had the necessary support I will say it is possible to create a new family. I encourage everyone to find those people and build you a bonus family, one that fits you and accepts you just as you are. That starts with believing you are worthy of a community that fits.

Whatever your family dynamic is, have you ever created a bonus family?

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