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Thoughts on the Universe

The whole Universe is genuflecting to you constantly. Be clear about the instructions you are giving. That is also why it is important to have integrity with our word. It trains the Universe to take us seriously.

  • Katherine Woodward Thomas

Did you know the Universe is listening to you? I’m mostly Christian and I very much believe in God, however when I think of calling in the things I hope to have in my life I always think of the Universe. In my head, God is the creator of all things and the Universe is the one assigned to work with us. So if God is the all-knowing one then the Universe is the one who says “if you say so”.

So like I was saying... the Universe is listening for better or worse. Thus I have been trying to give clear instructions in my love life, my creative life, my professional life, and in how I’d like them all to work together.

The Universe is listening to you too. What instructions are you giving it?

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