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-Weekly sales email

-Daily social media post on 3 platforms

-Weekly blog posts with related newsletter


-Sales emails every 2 weeks 

-Social media posts every other day on 3 platforms

-Blog post and newsletter every two weeks 


-One sales email per month

-3 social media posts per week on 3 platforms

-Monthly blog and newsletter


-Mix and match for what you need

Decorative Objects



Kaci has an amazing way of relating to her audience so they feel like they need your product. She has a soft way of selling to your audience and very good flow.


Do not miss your chance to work with her.


Kaci nailed the brand tone from the first words and kept it consistent throughout the email sequence. 

It is clear she understood the audience and managed to connect with them on an emotional level. 


Kaci has a distinct ability to capture brand voice! Joined with her casual yet powerful CTA’s, she is a converting Queen! Absolutely recommend her for top-notch advertising copy.


Kaci is hands down the #1 copywriter to hire in this niche! 

Not only does she create a seamless flow within her welcome email sequences, but the emails themselves check all the boxes.  Her copy is incredibly warm and friendly, and she nailed the tone of the brand. Right away I knew that Kaci had done her homework and truly understands the customer avatar. 


Her emails are easy to navigate and the messages are clear - this is what the customer should do next.  She uses a variety of ways to engage the customer with the product, and makes sure to address the concerns of the customer, while offering the solution straight away.  Her customers feel secure and can certainly trust the brand! 


You'd be a fool not to hire Kaci as your copywriter!


Kaci Diane’s editing services are excellent! As a doctoral student in an Ivy League graduate school I have used her services for 2 years. I have consistently received exemplary grades on work that she edited and revised. Her turnaround time with projects is quick and she is extremely thorough. I highly recommend her services.


Kaci is a wizard.  She worked her magic on my resume and cover letter and helped me find my voice as a career changer.  She provided her expertise with efficiency and promptness and did so with a warm and sensitive touch.  I would look no further for any editing needs.


Kaci was really great to work with. I feel like she went above and beyond what an editor would typically give to a project. She definitely had a great impact on my first project. 


I found Kaci to be personable and down to earth. More importantly, she seemed to have a genuine interest in my novel, and what I envisioned for it which is eventually being picked up by a publishing company. 


Once she sent me a sample of her work, I was completely sold. Kaci was thorough and prompt. She was patient with me and took the time to explain a lot of literary terms I should be familiarized with as an aspiring writer. Kaci gave me invaluable tips and suggestions that I can apply while working on my next body of work. She treated me with the same level of respect as an accomplished writer and has helped to give me the additional confidence to shop my book to literary agents. 


 I was extremely pleased with the entire experience, learned a lot and would definitely use her again for my future literary work. 


Thanks for submitting!

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